Critique Groups: My Experience

When I stumbled onto critique groups almost ten years ago, they existed only as hard-copy, four-or-five-writers-working-together-around-a-table, incarnations. Now, through the wonders of social media, critique groups exist on-line, as well. Continue reading Critique Groups: My Experience


Roll Call: Just off Probation, Rampart ’74

By Mikey, Retired LAPD I was just assigned PM Watch patrol at Rampart Division and I’m excited that as a brand-new P-2, I’ll be working with another brand-new P-2! Oh yeah, it doesn’t get any better than that and the best thing is that we get to make our own decisions! Real adults! So, I find that my partner is another Hispanic (We are both Mexicans. Just say it) and he is as excited as I am. We flip as to who is going to drive and the other partner is TGOTR, he is the “guy on the right.” He … Continue reading Roll Call: Just off Probation, Rampart ’74