The Lonely Wheelchair

October 1, 2017 will always be remembered as Las Vegas’ day of infamy. Death and injury rained down on country music lovers from the heights of the thirty-second floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, stealing the lives of fifty-eight people and causing injury to more than five hundred others. Continue reading The Lonely Wheelchair


Killing Your Darlings: Judy Alter

The literary advice, “Kill your darlings,” has been attributed to William Faulkner and probably a hundred others. Almost a cliché today, it is meant to remind authors to catch repetitive use of words such as just, and, but—those empty words that pad the writing but mean nothing or those over-written purple moments that cause readers to roll their eyes. Continue reading Killing Your Darlings: Judy Alter

Mentors: Paying it Forward

I came late to mystery writing and I had never formally studied creative writing. Once I joined Sisters in Crime, mentors seemed to be everywhere. I signed up for twenty-page manuscript critiques at the New England Crime Bake conference. I joined a writers group of more experienced writers than me and worked through scenes from my work-in-progress. I attended a weekend workshop with three multi-published mystery author teachers and made some lifelong friends among several of the other unpublished aspiring authors. Continue reading Mentors: Paying it Forward