Back on WordPress…for now

Thonie Hevron
Thonie Hevron

From Thonie:

Last month, I launched my new, updated website The blog component on this site while satisfactory, doesn’t offer the more sophisticated settings that I had on WordPress. So until Wix can offer these benefits, I’ve switched back–indefinitely. You shouldn’t need to change any settings. However, to get to my website, you’ll have to click on a link which will be provided. I will also try to put up the most current posts on my website blog but it won’t have the regularity that WordPress offers. When I am out of town, sometimes with limited or no internet access, I have trouble publishing a post.

Switching back might be cumbersome, but for now, both my new website and WordPress fill my needs. Now you can make comments again, I can set a few weeks’ worth of posts ahead of time and I can check my stats! I hope it will be easier for you, too!

Any comments?


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