Multi-Tasking: Marilyn Meredith

Multi-Tasking in Writing and in Life

By Marilyn Meredith 


Marilyn in Vegas 1
Marilyn Meredith

Oh, I am the champion of multi-tasking, though not quite as good as it as I used to be.


As far as writing is concerned, I’m always writing one book while promoting another. As I’m composing this for my blog tour, I’m also working on my next Rocky Bluff P.D. series.

Besides my own blog where I host many authors much as Thonie does, I’m a regular on two other blogs, Ladies of Mystery ( ) and Make Mine Mystery (

In order to make sure I do what I’m supposed to, I keep a notebook with lists of what I should be doing—nothing like the joy of crossing something off—and a big calendar with all the important dates like appearances, etc. I also have another notebook where I keep a calendar of who is supposed to be on my blog and when, as well as important email addresses.

Of course my big calendar also has dates on it to do with regular life: doctor appointments, social engagements etc.

I have some writing jobs that have nothing to do with books—they are paid up front and once I get the money, I work on them as soon as possible. I also do some writing for my church and that is a priority too.

On my everyday to-do list, I also write down household chores I want to accomplish on a particular day. And with the wonders of modern appliances I can do laundry (the washing and drying) while doing many other things, as well as putting dinner in a crock pot to cook while I’m working on other tasks. While I’m doing mundane jobs, I’m always thinking, maybe about a plot point, or something else that I need to do

And often I jump back and forth between jobs.

If this sounds like a lot, I get up very early and get started on what is most important at the time, work like crazy, but around lunch time I run out of steam. I may do a bit of work in the afternoon, but not anything that takes a lot of brain power.

I like to spend my downtime with my husband. We both love to watch well-written and exciting movies and TV shows—and that’s how I unwind. (I must admit though, that I might do something like fold clothes, put a mailing together, check my email and Facebook on my phone while watching TV. If the show is boring but hubby likes it, I’ll read instead.)

And that’s my multi-tasking confession.



AColdDeath-lgA Cold Death:

Deputy Tempe Crabtree and her husband answer the call for help with unruly guests visiting a closed summer camp during a huge snow storm and are trapped there along with the others. One is a murderer.

Deputy Tempe Crabtree and her husband answer the call for help with unruly guests visiting a closed summer camp during a huge snow storm and are trapped there along with the others. One is a murderer.


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Marilyn in Vegas 1Marilyn Meredith’s published book count is nearing 40. She is one of the founding members of the San Joaquin chapter of Sister in Crime. She taught writing for Writers Digest Schools for 10 years, and was an instructor at the prestigious Maui Writers Retreat, and has taught at many writers’ conferences. Marilyn is a member of three chapters of Sisters in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, and serves on the board of the Public Safety Writers of America. She lives in the foothills of the Sierra, a place with many similarities to Tempe Crabtree’s patrol area.

Webpage: Blog: and you can follow her on Facebook.

Contest: Once again I’m going to use the name of the person who comments on the most blogs on my tour for the next Deputy Tempe Crabtree mystery—which may be the last in the series.


Tomorrow I’ll be here:  with the topic: Aging of Characters in the Series




17 thoughts on “Multi-Tasking: Marilyn Meredith

  1. Used to be better at multi-tasking, Marilyn. I know you aren’t!, but I’m slowing down. Though, the more I do, the easier it is to do more. Recently verrrry lazy–so you are indeed an inspiration for me. It’s good to hear about all you do and how you manage it.

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    1. People need to remember, I raised five kids (mostly by myself while hubby was overseas many times), before dryers and other handy-dandy appliances, and quite often had a part-time job, had a Camp Fire group for 10 years, PTA’d, and when kids were grown, moved and lived in and ran a care home–and wrote and a bunch of other stuff–that’s when I really multi-tasked. Thanks for commenting, Madeline.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. You get more done before noon than I get done all day most days. And just finished A Cold Death. Loved the setting. Loved the story and you kept me guessing right to the end.


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