Roll Call: Short Dogs

By Mikey, Retired LAPD MANNY AND THE COLLAPSIBLE BATON Friday and Saturday nights in Hollywood rock, so I made every effort to be outside as the Watch Commander or assistant W/C. At the time, the clubs on Vine north of Hollywood Boulevard were some of our problem bars/clubs. Usually, if we anticipated trouble, we’d stop a cruiser or two in the center turn lanes of Vine Street just north of Hollywood Boulevard. The area was known for attracting opposing “groups,” so this location was a good place to be. One summer night two officers and I had our units stationed … Continue reading Roll Call: Short Dogs

An Exciting Book Event For Southern California Readers

From Thonie: Dave Freedland is a colleague and friend who’s written two police procedural thrillers. This is a great opportunity to meet a law enforcement leader and author. Retired Irvine Deputy Chief of Police, Dave Freedland, will be discussing his new book next week, Thursday, January 17th, at the Huntington Beach library. “The Pepper Tree” will be out soon when the cover art is finished, and the book launch date and location will be announced in the coming weeks. Continue reading An Exciting Book Event For Southern California Readers

Writer’s Notes: Emergencies Magnified

By Janet Greger Public safety workers — police, fire fighters, EMTs — face emergencies daily. They must go home with headaches lots of days. However, one problem that few have faced (except in practice drills) is solving problems after the Model State Emergency Health Powers Act has been invoked. This law allows states to invoke legally enforceable quarantines to control epidemics and to respond to acts of bioterrorism. This legal quarantine would only be invoked in the U.S. when there are no effective treatments or preventative measures, e.g. vaccines, for a contagious disease or organism released by a bioterror attack. … Continue reading Writer’s Notes: Emergencies Magnified