The Lonely Wheelchair

October 1, 2017 will always be remembered as Las Vegas’ day of infamy. Death and injury rained down on country music lovers from the heights of the thirty-second floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino, stealing the lives of fifty-eight people and causing injury to more than five hundred others. Continue reading The Lonely Wheelchair


Guest Post: Danny

I needed to find a Christmas meeting speaker for the December meeting. I was fortunate to find John Carlsen. At that time, John was a Deputy Inspector with the Nassau County, N.Y. Police Department. He and his wife, Kathleen had a son named Danny. John came to the Shields meeting because he had a story to tell, a story about Danny. Continue reading Guest Post: Danny


By Anthony Morgan, Retired Oakland PD Anthony wrote this tribute to a fellow cop in 1983. It stands the test of time.–Thonie JOE  1908-1983   A friend of mine passed away a few days ago. His name was Joe-the last name is not important. He was 74 years old. Joe was a cop. He retired about 14 years ago after 33 years’ service with the San Francisco Police Department. If my math is correct he started in 1936. Joe was a cop up to the day he died. He loved the profession and he was immensely proud of the Inspectors … Continue reading JOE

Guest Post: What is Your Badge or Star Worth to You?

By Anthony Morgan, Retired Oakland Police Department What is your badge or star worth to you? To the new officer it is a sign that says “Look at what I have accomplished, look at what I am.” It doesn’t take long for the badge to become a part of the owner and the owner part of the badge. Maybe that is because it was earned through the trying months of the academy and field training, a successfully completed probation and becoming part of a team. In the early years of a career the badge rarely leaves the officer. When not … Continue reading Guest Post: What is Your Badge or Star Worth to You?

Special Post from Las Vegas

** Special Post ** FYI: Readers may know that I live in Sonoma County–Petaluma, specifically. We are experiencing a catastrophic firestorm, primarily in Santa Rosa, where I lived previously. The mister and I are safe and my guest posters are as well. They all live out of the area. However, keep us in your prayers as the fires (about 6 different incidents) are stretching resources and so far 0% contained. Emergency responders are primarily saving lives first then will concentrate on structures and wildland. Guest Post    TRAGEDY IN LAS VEGAS by Keith Bettinger Posted on October 6, 2017 on Jackie’s … Continue reading Special Post from Las Vegas