It was 1978 and I was assigned to Northeast Division Vice. From time to time, we had loanees from patrol, so they can better understand how we do the job. It was also an effective way to size up future vice cops. Ron was on loan and assigned to me. After a few nights of learning how to work bars and identify things like serving an obviously intoxicated person(s), gambling, prostitution, Ron was good to go solo Continue reading Roll Call: NORTHEAST VICE AND THE NIGHT DROP ROBBERY


Ramblings and The Call Box: Patrol Areas

Our patrol area was known on the streets as “Sugar Hill.” Back in the 1890’s and turn of the century there were dozens of old mansions in our area—former homes of the rich and famous. All now fallen on hard times, some abandoned, or rooming houses, shooting galleries and just plain old flop houses. Continue reading Ramblings and The Call Box: Patrol Areas

Roll Call: Short Dog #3

By Mikey, Retired LAPD Doc Moggie and the Burglar Doc “Moggie” was a medical doctor who was the pre-misdemeanor booking MD who screened arrestees for any medical issues prior to booking. He lived in the Highland Park area of LA, which was patrolled by Northeast Division. One evening while at home Doc Moggie was confronted by a burglar who pretty much had his way including leaving the Doctor seriously injured from a severe beating. Several months passed before the good doctor returned to work, but considering the beating the man received, he recovered well enough that he had no signs … Continue reading Roll Call: Short Dog #3